About Us


Family is my reason for starting my business. Mompreneur


I started Splentique for a number of reasons. Here is a little snapshot of my "why". 


I’ve been a retailer in some shape or form for 20 years. 20 years of fun, a few years of blood shed (those floorsets can be brutal), a lot of sweat and definitely some tears. I’ve had a nice career that helped me provide for my family. Many of those years in the industry were spent as a single mom with my daughter, Taylor. Throughout my career I’ve sacrificed time with people in my life who truly meant the most to me. This became crystal clear when my husband and I were expecting in 2016. Our son Gavin was going to arrive on January 1st. I had hoped he might arrive before Christmas but he had other plans. He came into this world 6 weeks early. The scariest day of my life. As part of his early entry into this world he suffered some setbacks as a preemie and we spent a lot of time in the hospital together. I learned how precious time really is. I learned that it truly is the greatest gift that we can give others. I knew that I needed to change how often I traveled for work and I knew that I also wanted to find ways to actually make a difference in the world. Spending time in the NICU changed me. Being faced with what is truly important, changed me. Finally questioning my happiness and priorities, changed me. 


Not only was there a need for less travel and more time with my family but I also needed to do something that made me genuinely happy. I enjoyed my area of retail but I was so far removed from my real passions which are clearly marketing and product. Listen Ladies, life is too short not to lean into your passions. Life is too short not to find ways to give back to others with the humble gifts that you might possess. Life is too short not to feel like your children will understand what you stood for and who you helped along the way. 

With my family as my biggest supporters I embarked on my journey with Splentique because well….life to too short




So blessed to spend time with my Kiddos in this biz. #mompreneur


Splentique is an online and customer facing retailer that is focused on truly making a difference in the lives of women. We hand select clothing that is relevant yet classic, quality yet affordable and we pride ourselves in making genuine customer connections. To us Style is a Lifestyle and our goal is to help you understand and cultivate the style that is unique to you. You are the only you and we think that you are beautiful.


My vision was and is to create a retailer with heart. A brand with soul and character. A brand where the employees are part of the core values and the mission. A retailer who looks at women as the beautiful caregivers that they are. Where everyone has an equal opportunity to be heard, seen and valued. By valued I mean their time, their contributions, and their true talents. My dream is to create an environment where my team selects which charities to give back to, not just to generate brand awareness, but because it’s the right thing to do. My dream is to create a retailer where you don’t have to hide that you are a person of faith. My dream is to create an environment where people talk about ideas and don’t demean other people. My dream is to create a sub organization who sponsors other female entrepreneurs and who guides them in their first year of business. My dream is to do a little good in this world all while helping women feel great and look amazing. 

Thank you for being part such a huge part of it all. You’re the best!




We are a fashion retailer with heart. We give back to our community and love every minute of it.


Giving back is our way of taking our love for fashion and the customer experience and using that passion to help those in need.

We are proud to have supported many deserving organizations and individuals in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Our list keeps growing and we are thankful for the opportunity to hand select the organizations that we partner with. We have supported these organizations in some capacity through in store shopping programs, boutique pop up shops, online shopping parties and 

give away donations: 

· March of Dimes

· Relay for Life

· Local Elementary School Supplies

· Local Church Mission Trips

· Local Employee Assistance Programs

· Humane Society of Catawba County

· Tabernacle Christian School

· The Children’s Advocacy Center


We are also actively involved in the development and promotion of the downtown community that we call home. Our owner serves as co-chair of our promotions committee and in addition serves as a board member for our downtown development association. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission to do a little good in the world. 

This is only the beginning.

Together we can make a splendifference 😊